The Adventures Of A Cowardly Boy & His Heart That Loved Him So

Love is a thunderclap.  Love is a downpour.  Love leaves us drenched.


Hey God. Hey John.

John Roedel is the writer of the popular Facebook conversations (now a book) entitled "Hey God. Hey John." where he sits down with the Divine to sort out the world, his mental health, why he shouldn't wear skinny jeans and how to believe in the unseen in our modern world. 

The "Hey God. Hey John." book can be found here. on Amazon.

It can also be purchased from Barnes and Nobles.

The "Hey God. Hey John." Facebook Page can be found here. 

Go Easy, My Love

The almost daily posted poetry of John Roedel can be found here on his Facebook page.  Every piece posted here is a raw unedited view of his newest work.  John writes most of his poetry and posts immediately onto *Facebook.  

(0/5 professional writers recommend this system) 


2021 Touring Schedule

John is starting to book dates for 2021 speaking and performing engagements.  

Contact him at johnkroedel@gmail.com for inquires

Live Readings

When every breath becomes prayer.

 the part of the website when John finally finds the courage to put up the clips of him reading his poetry.   

His YouTube Channel can be found right here.