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Welcome to the Age of The Beautiful Weirdos

this morning the lady across from

me in the waiting room asked me

if I was ready for things

to "get back to normal"

I smiled and shook my head

"I wasn't very good at normal," I told her.

"I'd like the give weird a bit of a try."

She blinked.

I blinked back.

things had gotten awkward

I always make things awkward

She blinked again.

I responded with another blink.

We were now communicating

through eyelash morse code.

So I blinked the following message to her:

I'm not waiting for things

to go back to normal

things are already

way too ordinary for me

to wish for it to have

any more of a hold over me

to be honest,

I'm waiting for things

to become more abnormal

normal had its time as the DJ

normal played the same songs over and over

typical's reign as the queen has gone on for so long

that her crown has begun to grow into her skin

I know you can sense it, too

this cocoon we are living in

is starting to quiver and our

skin is starting to turn into

polka-dotted butterfly wings

we are all unraveling

in the most beautiful ways

can't you feel it in your veins?

your plain blood is bleeding

itself into the sharpest pattern

of flowing plaid

you have shifted like a corvette

on an empty coastline highway at sunset

you can feel the hum deep

inside the transmission of your soul

your engine is growling with the

power of one billion angelic horses

you are now able to go from the natural

to the supernatural in under 3 seconds

you are racing toward your raw purpose

you are speeding toward your wild dream

you are no longer a bore - you are a blur

I know you can feel it, too

you are as sick as I am about pretending that

all we want is for things to be normal

normal had its age

let's give the unusual an epoch or two

this is the season

of change and

your eyes are turning

Into a sponge

soaking up

every beautiful

oddity you see

and every now and

then when your

eyes have absorbed

just enough peculiar

artwork of the divine

they begin to pour

with tears of joy

I know you can feel it

nothing is going back to the way things used to be

because our existence is a living

piece of clay being molded under

the loving hands of a cosmic potter

normal doesn't live

here anymore

it's been replaced

with the abjectly strange

and isn't that how it should be?

every day we should wake up ready

to journey into the irregular

this is the age for you

to finally embrace

the eccentric and exotic

which is perfect

because that is exactly what you are

eccentric & exotic

there is nothing like you

among the uncountable stars

you are the rarest precious gemstone

you know it

you can feel it

right under your scars

right behind your eyes

right inside of your heart

is a river of light

that has never existed before

you were created

you are abjectly and beautifully


and that is why this age

is perfect for you

normal is out

atypical is in

and you are the loveliest

deviation from the norm

that has ever drawn a breath

and this is your time

and you are about to change the world

and I can't wait to watch

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Sep 09, 2022

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Thank you John. I lost my son at the age of 35, 19 months ago. He lived this life you write about here in his short life circle on earth. People were amazed,shocked,filled with love and passionately following him though few dared to go there, while they were building perfect careers with families and houses with white picket fences. Though my son was busy with his Phd studies, he was standing out as being himself,just himself,living and passionately being out of the standard box. He is the topic of many conversations still,being the energetic,authentic and most loving and compassionate guy who was : so true to himself. Me, as his mom, has learned these 'teachings'…


I love that we are undoing the Re-Play...I was over and done with that same old song. I'm singing loud and I'm singing proud "Ain't nothing Like the Real Thing Baby"


Sep 18, 2021

Oh, wow. Difficult to find the words to respond--but I feel it deep in my heart. Thank you


Jay Atkinson
Jay Atkinson
Sep 04, 2021

Your words leave me speechless, John. My heart recognises a kindred friend... thank you!


Sharon Gregory
Sharon Gregory
Aug 30, 2021

Truly resonates!

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