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It's important to activate your chime card as soon as possible after receiving it . The Chime mobile application can be used to activate you card for free with ease . You may also activate your Chime account by visiting the Chime official website if you cannot access your Chime account through the Chime app. You can also call Chime's phone number if you run into difficulty activating your Chime card.

How to Activate Chime credit builder card online (Step-By-Step 2022)

Your chime card can be activated on a computer if you prefer. Yes, you can activate it on a computer. Please follow the steps below to activate chime card online:

  1. Log into your Chime account on the website.

  2. Activating your Chime card can be found in the “bank account information” section when you log into your account.

  3. Please enter your credit card information here.

You can use the card once you have completed all these steps. ATMs and stores accept the card. Your account will likely be activated by Chime after you submit your phone number and email address.

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