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A Valentine Wish

my love,

here is my unsolicited Valentine's Day wish just for you

quit waiting for someone else

to finally love you the way that you deserve to be loved

you only get so much time here

quit wasting it on people who can't recognize a masterpiece of creation when it's standing right in front of them

you only get so many spins on this planet

quit squandering the ride on people who fail to see the breadcrumb trail to the cosmos in your eyes

my love,

in case you were still wondering:

~ you are a once-in-a-million-year wonder

and it's past time for you to only spend your days with people who need to catch their breath whenever you walk into a room

my love,

if someone doesn't hold you like a precious gemstone

they aren't worthy of feeling the heat of your reflecting light against their skin

you are the rarest treasure existence has ever known

and if they don't tremble when they touch you

they aren't the one

oh, my love, please remember

you are a Rembrandt in a sundress

whose image burns itself on the inside of our eyelids

you are a miracle of grace and fire

that angels learned to play trumpet for

you are the first watermelon of the summer ~sweet ~light ~soul-quenching

don't you dare let anyone else treat you any less than the marvel you were so carefully designed to be

~ john roedel (

{photo by Fuu J}A



If you are feeling ready to start exploring the untamed wilds of your heart and embracing the perfectly weird person you were made to be!

I am exceedingly thrilled to have been asked to present my "Unafraid Storyteller" retreat at the legendary Omega Center, located on more than 250 acres in New York's beautiful Hudson Valley.

The retreat is set for June 9-11, 2023 and I’m already counting down the days!

You will be able to find the link to register and other information below.


We exist in a world where our photos are expected to be perfectly edited and our social media posts have to be carefully crafted to prevent us from accidentally showing the “real” person inside.

Life is meant to be messy. Life is supposed to be a bit chaotic. Life is an adventure where we are always a single phone call away from heartbreak or the fulfillment of our wildest dreams. Of course, this is exactly what makes being alive the best game in the universe.

People are craving authenticity.

So, let’s give it to them.


It takes courage to tell the authentic story of our lives without worrying about what people will think about us. To let people see past our Instagram filters and straight into our often-untidy hearts takes an act of bravery. Giving people a chance to witness the wildness of our own existence can give them the grace to appreciate their own miracle of their uneven adventure.

As storytellers, it’s not our job to impress people with the story of our lives—it’s more about giving the reader the opportunity to embrace the highs and lows of their own journey.

Through journaling, group interaction, creative exercises, physical movement and hands-on activities, this high-energy experience with poet, writer, and comedian John Roedel provides you with the tools to tell your own story without fear of what the world will think of you. With his trademark comedy, emotive style, and obsession with keeping his presentations interactive, John shares his own journey while offering his wisdom on how you can share yours as well.

Writers, storytellers, or humans who simply just want to live and share their lives with more authenticity are invited to join John for this unique writing retreat.

This 3-day retreat for writers, artists and human beings on how to fully embrace the story of our lives.

This interactive experience is for new writers, seasoned writers and *non-writers. It's really for anyone who wants to embrace the epic story that exists inside of them. (I know some people coming who are really just coming to listen to me share my work - which is so incredibly humbling.)

I won’t be there instructing on how to become a best-selling author - but rather, I’ll be sharing the wisdom I’ve learned once I found the courage to start sharing my story with unafraid authenticity.

You’ll also be able to explore the other incredible opportunities the retreat center has to offer while you are there.

If you have any questions about the retreat please reach out to me at

I absolutely cannot wait to meet you there!!


Omega is a nonprofit, donor-supported, educational organization at the forefront of holistic studies. Omega offers a wide variety of workshops, retreats, conferences, and professional training, in-person and online. Since 1977, more than one million people have come to Omega for reasons big and small—to spark creativity, explore spirituality, improve well-being, and connect to a community of lifelong learners.

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