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my unsolicitedValentine's Day wish for you

my love,

quit waiting

on someone else

to finally love you

the way that

you deserve

to be loved

you only

get so much

time here

quit wasting it

on people who

can't recognize

a masterpiece of

creation when it's

standing right in front

of them

you only get

so many spins

on this planet

quit squandering the ride

on people who fail to see

the breadcrumb trail to the cosmos

in your eyes

my love,

in case you were still wondering:

~ you are a once-in-a-million-year wonder

and it's past time

for you to only

spend your days

with people who need

to catch their breath

whenever you walk

into a room

my love,

if someone

doesn't hold

you like a precious


they aren't worthy

of feeling the heat of

your reflecting light

against their skin

you are the rarest

treasure existence

has ever known

and if they don't

tremble when they

touch you

they aren't

the one

oh, my love,

please remember

you are a


in a sundress

whose image burns

itself on the inside

of our eyelids

you are a miracle

of grace and fire

that angel

play trumpets for

you are the first

watermelon of the summer




don't you dare

let anyone else

treat you any less

than the marvel

you were so carefully

designed to be

(Photo by Fuu J)

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