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New Poetry collection "Upon Departure" was released today!!

So excited (and nervous) to announce that my latest poetry collection “Upon Departure” was just released today.

This is a collection of poems on grief and love that contain little slivers of my heart.

It’s available for order on paperback today through Amazon and preorder for ebook for a release on April 14th.

Other ways to order should become available over the next couple of weeks.

Since I have a market budget equal to the cost of a plastic spoon I can use all the help I can getting the word out.

Please share my book with your friends/family/dentist/etc. if you feel called to.

I can’t wait for you to read it!

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1 Comment

MaryBeth Ingram
MaryBeth Ingram
Jun 02, 2022

Absolutely love your new book. I only recently learned of you and your poetry. I'm so glad I did!! I have shared your name and brillance with so many others! You write what so many of us think and feel but would never be able to express with such exquisite words and images. Thank you.

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