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crying means you made it

if you can still cry it means you can still breathe

and if you can still breathe it means you are still alive

and if you are still alive it means you still have some work to do

~ so go ahead and cry for a bit

~ each tear is proof of your survival

~ each jagged breath you take is evidence of your courage

~ you may be wounded

~ you may be discounted

but you are still here

~ and somedays simply

still being here despite what the world has done to you

is a miracle

you are a miracle you are a miracle you are a miracle

my love, you are a miracle

don’t hide your streaking tears

they are your badges of salty valor

that tell the story how you kept going despite the raging storm

we need you

~so go head and

~ cry ~ breathe ~survive ~ get back to work

~ be the miracle

(by john roedel)

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Thank your John for writing and publishing Crying Means You Made It. This will be read publically on my behalf this Friday at a rally in Prince Rupert for my son and his captain who were killed when the tug Ingenika capsized. This poem describes how I am able to find strength in advocating for s safe culture in the tugboat industry on BCs west coast.


Jhalak Dhingra
Jhalak Dhingra
Jun 14, 2022

Again love the message thank you


JUST read your poem on grief. its lovely. my friends young son just passed and she was comforted by it as well. bless you, john.

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