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What will you remember about this Christmas in 20 years?

don’t ask people

what they got from

Christmas this year


ask them what they

think they’ll remember

about this particular

Christmas in twenty years

I bet that

it won’t be the gifts

they tore into

~ it will be the people

they snuggled

our hearts only can

hold so many memories

before they start to

leak out of their spongey

red beating sides

our hearts have to be

very selective

in which experiences

they absorb

in twenty years

you won’t be able

to exactly remember

what you got for

Christmas in 2022

but you’ll be able

to recall in vivid

detail who you were


~ and how warm they

made you feel

~ and how tightly you

held each other

throughout the day

in twenty years

you won’t remember

how the roast

turned out

but you will


how your loved

ones veins glowed

as you wrapped

your hands

around theirs

underneath a

sky of twinkling

yuletide angels

~ john roedel (


Wishing you the most peaceful holiday season. I'm so grateful you have joined me on this journey.

You still have time to purchase my poetry wall calendar for 2023. If you order it today you will receive a link to be a part of an exclusive online poetry reading in January.

I would be honored if you would consider letting my poetry hold your hand throughout the new year.

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Kari Maru
Kari Maru
May 03

Perhaps 20 years from now, Christmas day will no longer be as important as it is now. that's not my neighbor


Every Christmas, I had a truly memorable experience. I will always be reminded of all the wonderful Christmastime memories. Dordle


lo su
lo su
Apr 10

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